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Technical Specifications

  • Prepare installation procedure
  • Screen or vapour barrier
  • Lay down STIFERITE’s Class B panel
    (alternative: STIFERITE’s Class SSTIFERITE’s GT4)
  • Installation of waterproofing mantle made of two bituminous membranes minimum 4mm thick with reinforcement in TNT polyester in continuous strands. The second membrane must be made of an anti-root blend
  • Protective layer, drainage and filtering, small geo-composite mattress of 20mm thick.
  • Topsoilì

Instructions and Guidelines
In order to guarantee a secure waterproofing seal and eventual maintenance to the finished package, it is of great importance to carefully design and  install a perfect package.

For the purpose of identifying areas of accidental breakage of the waterproofing mantle, it is recommended that the roof is subdivided using small relief pads.

Also see: the installation procedure

The tables indicate the suggested thickness of Stiferite’s panels based on

  • Climate Zones
  • Current legislative set limits of thermal transmittance
  • And the following composition of the structure:


Suggested thickness

DLgs 311/06

TAX deduction MD 65%
DM 26/10/2010

A 60 mm 80 mm
B 60 mm 80 mm
C 60 mm 80 mm
D 80 mm 90 mm
E 80 mm 100 mm
F 80 mm 100 mm


Note: For different composition of structures or material, we suggest using the calculation program available online (see: Thermal transmittance and verifications of condensation with Glaser method)




Tie point of Wall and Walk-on Roof/Terrace