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Environmental Sustainability of Polyurethane

Sustainable to the building sector
To maintain and manage a policy of sustainable environmental improvement in the building/construction sector, it is indispensible to consider the impact it would have on the environment during the construction phase and in the final use condition.
It is especially the latter that determines around 90% of the environmental impacts, it is for this reason that the major commitment, must be to reduce the energy consumption and emissions of CO2 in buildings during their life cycle.
The Polyisocyanate (PIR) foam produced and contained in STIFERITE’s panels, ensures a high level of efficiency in comparison to the amount of panel thickness required to reach pre-determined thermal insulation requirements. Its’ cell structure is made to obtain excellent thermal characteristics in thinner and lighter panels.  
The thermal efficiency and lightness, limit the volume and weight used in applications. This is a benefit that drastically reduces the transport, installation, and at the end of the life cycle, the waste management or recycle of the products.
Analysis off environmental impacts: LCA and EPD
STIFERITE is committed  in a series of environmental scientific analysis and precise, transparent communication in the market.  For this reason it has developed Life Cycle Analysis (LCD) studies of its’ products based on international standard (ISO Serie 14040). It has also prepared and registered, the first EPD (Enviromental Product Declaration) of panels in expanded rigid polyurethane using STIFERITE’s Class S 60 mm panel. It was verified by a credited third party (RINA) and registed with the international system EPD (The Swedish Environmental Management Council - SEMC, cfr.
The analysis program LCA, of the products, was expanded to the relative study of STIFERITE’s Class B and to the EPD of STIFERITE’s GT, soon almost the entire line of Stiferite’s products will be included (see LCA - EPD depliant)

UNI EN ISO 14001
STIFERITE has obtained the voluntary UNI EN ISO 14001 certificate for its own environmental management system, committed to systematically control the environmental impact of the company’s activities and pursue constant improvements in environmental performance. Environmental Sustainability Label Expanded Rigid Polyurethane
Stiferite Spa a socio unico adheres to the Collective ANPE label “Environmental Sustainability Expanded Rigid Polyurethane”  and underwrites the common environmental policy document that among other, it requires the exchange of correct and updated information regarding environmental performances of polyurethane products. 
The Italian association ANPE and the European, PUEurope have developed numerous studies of environmental nature (mapping LEED, LCA, EPD of sector) that are available in the site:  http://www.poliuretano.it/Marchio_Ambientale_Poliuretano.html
All of the conducted studies have shown the modest consumption of resources needed for the production of polyurethane versus the important environmental advantages it provides in its use in the building sector.