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Special processing
All of Stiferite’s panels may be custom made to required sizes (minimum quantities may apply) and/or special processing, for example: rabbeting, special cuts, markings,  etching and milling so as to have perfect adhesiveness to uneven surfaces.
Panels may be processed to size, based on specific and detailed fabrication requirements. The panels are also bondable to a number of bitumen membranes selectable from a vast line of characteristics and performances

Example of special processing:

  • Male-female groove fitting and rabbeting on all four sides
  • Round sections for insulation of storage tanks and curved surfaces
  • Pre-bonded panels for insulations of prefabricated roof tiles
  • Flat and pre-marked panels made to size for industrial insulation and prefabricated construction elements

Produced by a company certified with systems:  ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001
CE conformity marking on the entire line.

STIFERITE is certified under the norm ISO 45001, specifically for the safety and health of its’ employees. STIFERITE has also obtained voluntary certification A ISO 14001 of its own environmental management system, made to systematically control the environmental impact of its own activity and to constantly pursue improvements of their own environmental performance.

On request, and for minimum quantities to be determined, the following special processing are available:

  • Panels may be cut to size
  • Rabbetting on all for sides
  • May be made in different shapes
  • Round and circular sections
  • Etching and cuts
  • Bonded to bitumen membranes of different weight and reinforcement
  • Bonded to rigid supports (plasterboard, wooden boards)