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If the laying surface, either horizontal or vertical is noticeably unlevelled, make the necessary levelling adjustments.

Make the necessary repairs and/or adjustments to a roof surface, so as to guarantee its' uniformity and perfect seal.

If the roof slab surface is scuffing or peeling, apply a coat of primer.


In ETICSystems and ventilated facades the longer side of the insulation panel is laid in parallel to the ground line. 

Insulation panels for cavity and/or internal walls, may be produced and cut of the same height as the wall, and would be laid precisely to size.






Mortar and Adhesives
When using mortar or adhesive cement, it is suggested that a continuous bead is spread around the parameter of the panel and one or two spots of mortar/adhesive at the centre.  
To avoid an excess of mortar between each panel, it is recommended that a thinner layer is spread along the border and thicker toward the centre.

Bitumen Adhesive applied "cold"

The adhesive may be applied in different points on the panel.

For standard panels in 600 x 1200 mm, we suggest one spot on each corner (at least 50 mm from the edge) plus a spot in the centre.

The perimeter proportions would be increased in the case of panels of larger dimensions, and with two spots in the centre.

Immediately after applying the adhesive, the panel is pressed firmly to the surface to be insulated.

Solvents that may be present in the bitumen adhesive, will not affect the polyiso foam used in Stiferite's panels, therefore it is not necessary to wait for a period of evaporation before installing the panels.