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Technical Specifications

  • Installation of insulation panel STIFERITE Class SK using pre-mixed plaster adhesive and nylon anchors.
  • Spread a layer of reinforcement plaster as a base coat on the panel, which will then serve as support of the fibre glass mesh.
  • Spread a layer of plaster over the fibre glass mesh.
  • Render finishing coat.

Instructions and Guidelines
External insulation in the case of refurbishment, allows insulating the pavements while maintaining the integrity and agility of the spaces without the burden of daily usage of the spaces involved.
Due to its’ excellent dimensional stability in  temperatures ranging from -40°C to  +110°C, STIFERITE's Class SK panels in polyiso foam are ideal when used in support of all external finishing elements.
The spreading method of the plaster adhesive varies based on the flatness of the surface being insulated.
Proceed to the next working phase only after the previous layer has completely dried.

Also see: the installation procedure

The tables indicate the suggested thickness of Stiferite’s panels based on

  • Climate Zones
  • Current legislative set limits of thermal transmittance
  • And the following composition of the structure:

Suggested thickness

DLgs 311/06

TAX deduction MD 65%
DM 26/10/2010

A 30 mm 40 mm
B 50 mm 60 mm
C 60 mm 70 mm
D 70 mm 70 mm
E 70 mm 80 mm
F 80 mm 80 mm

Note: For different composition of structures or material, we suggest using the calculation program available online (see: Thermal transmittance and verifications of condensation with Glaser method)



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