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You are here: Building Insulation - Walls -Correction of thermal bridges

Technical Specifications

  • Installation of insulation panel STIFERITE Class SK using pre-mixed plaster adhesive.
  • In cases where the surface is large, use a reinforcement fibre glass mesh.
  • Plaster
  • Finishing layer

Instructions and Guidelines
Due to its’ excellent thermal insulation performance, STIFERITE Class SK panels are used  to efficiently correct thermal bridges of pillars, sidewalks, etc. The safety mantle helps against the rise of humidity and necessary in case of shallow groundwater. 

The function and type of vapour barrier must be evaluated relative to the internal hygrometric and ambient conditions.

Also see: the installation procedure

We suggest using STIFERITE Class SK of 3/4 cm thick to efficiently correct thermal bridges of pillars with the following dimensions:
25 x 25 cm – 30 x 30 cm – 25 x 40 cm



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