STIFERITE Class SK is a sandwich panel consisting of an insulating component in polyiso, foamed without any CFC or HCFC, covered on both sides with saturated fibre glass tissue.

The Class SK panel is suitable for insulation from the outside: walls with external insulation and ventilated facade solutions, thermal bridges and the areas beneath porticoes.


Standard size: 600 x 1200 mm

Standard thicknesses: from 20 to 200 mm


Panel used for ETA certified External insulating Systems

Produced by an ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified Company. CE conformity mark across the entire range.



thickness from 120 to 200 mm:

λD = 0,025 W/mK


thickness from 80 to 110 mm:

λD = 0,026 W/mK


thickness from 20 to 70 mm:

λD = 0,028 W/mK

The STIFERITE know-how, gained thanks to the collaboration with expert Italian and European fitters, has enabled the development of a specific product for exterior insulation applications: STIFERITE Class SK

The use of the Class SK STIFERITE exterior insulation system allows:

  • limiting the thickness of the insulating material necessary to obtain theimposed thermal resistance
  • limiting the weight of the insulating layer
  • reducing the costs for accessories and finishing materials (tiles, profiles, thresholds, etc.)
  • ensuring the durability of the entire system and of the insulation, mechanical and dimensional stability performances
  • obtaining good reaction-to-fire performances of the whole system, (from Bs1d0, the best class for organic materials, to Bs2d0 according to the adopted system components
  • guaranteeing an excellent resistance to thermal shock and to the high temperatures given by the direct summer sun
  • using a smaller amount of resources thereby helping to limit the environmental impact of buildings.


As an example, we list below the reductions obtainable by comparing it with an insulating material having thermal conductivity 0.04 W/mK and a density of 90 kg/m3.

Let’s hypothesise an intervention on a single-layer 25 cm wall with the goal of obtaining a transmittance equal to 0,28 W/m2K.





The STIFERITE Class SK panels belong to the ETICS systems which have the certification envisaged by the

EOTA - ETAG 04 Guidance documents.

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