Construction details

The good functional, aesthetic and service length result of the entire external insulation system depends on the proper application and fixing of the different layers together with a workmanlike installation of all fittings and fastenings.

For a detailed description of all possible critical points, see the pertinent section of the CORTEXA manual of which the most common details are hereby reported.


Internal and external edges

Should profiles for protecting the edges with overlapped glass fibre mesh and meshed corners be employed, the base-coat plaster must be applied along the width of the mesh side in order to drown the edge profile and the mesh side. The connection with the reinforcing mesh must overlap by at least 10 cm.


Video Library

A video which shows the features and performance of the STIFERITE Class SK panel and its application methods within the ETICSystem is available

Window inserted in the wall

Window flush with the outer edge of the wall

Outside window compared with the masonry

main partner

Recessed wainscoting with drip rail

Warm roof fastening

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