Mounting systems

In ventilated facades, the type of metal structure and how it is fixed depend on numerous variables: architectural choices, the morphology of the building, the type and weight of the adopted cladding, the choice of the type of joint between the elements, etc.

Purely as an indication, we describe the most common laying stages.

Anchoring brackets

The metal brackets are anchored to the external walls by means of suitable fasteners. The bracket laying pattern is defined on the basis of the modularity of the finishing elements and the calculations of mechanical resistance to the weight of the structure and wind action.



Containment profile

An insulating layer containment profile, of width the same as the thickness of the adopted panel, is secured to the structure at the starting line.




Laying of STIFERITE panels

The first row of panels is to be inserted inside the starting profile. The panels must be carefully placed next to each other in order to ensure continuity of the insulating layer.

The rigidity and compactness of STIFERITE panels make it quick and easy to carry out the operations of inserting the insulating layer through the anchoring brackets and any cutting to size.



Fixing of STIFERITE panels

The panels are fixed using anchor bolts of suitable length to ensure they will pass through the thickness of the panel and penetrate sufficiently into the masonry to ensure their solidity.

The number of anchor bolts varies depending on the type of support and the expected pull-out loads. Generally, 1-2 anchor bolts are applied per panel.

STIFERITE panels offer excellent performance in terms of resistance to wind pull-out (Pull Through test) and allow the number of fasteners necessary to be reduced.





The vertical structure is suitably fixed to the anchoring brackets.



Fixing the cladding

The cladding modules used (made of tiles, stone, ceramic, wood, metal, etc.) are fixed either to a secondary structure of metal cross-pieces or to special anchoring plates fixed directly on the uprights.

The air entry and exit points are protected by ventilation grilles that prevent small animals and objects from entering the ventilation chamber.

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