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On request, the version bonded to 9.5 mm thick plasterboard sheets and to water-repellent plasterboard sheets can be obtained.


Consists of a STIFERITE sandwich panel bonded to a 13 mm thick plasterboard sheet.
The STIFERITE sandwich panel in polyurethane foam (PIR) is coated on both sides by:
  • Multilayer waterproof rubber coating with vapor brake function on the hot face contact of the plasterboard
  • Multilayer waterproof coating, suitable for wall mounting by gluing on the outer face of the surface to be insulated
The STIFERITE RP panel is ideal for insulating walls from the inside, with glue and anchor bolts or on a metal frame, and insulating ceilings on a metal frame.
Standard dimensions:
mm 1200 x 3000
Standard thicknesses:
from a total of 33 to 133 mm (from 20 to 120 mm of insulating layer)
Thermal conductivity only insulation panel::
λD=0,022 W/mK
Reaction to fire: :
Euroclasse B s1 d0
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor:
μ = 89.900
For other features, see Documentation
CE conformity marking on the entire range.
Produced by a company certified with system ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

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Installation guide - ITALIAN VERSION


Installation of STIFERITE RP on a wall with glue and anchor bolts.

Installation of STIFERITE RP on a wall on a metal frame.

Installation of STIFERITE RP on a ceiling on a metal frame.

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