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You are here: Building Insulation - Roofing - With GT Wind System

Technical Specifications

  • Spread a breathable membrane mantle of non-woven fabric
  • Positioning of the edge stop beam
  • Lay down STIFERITE’s GT Wind system oriented with the ventilation laths perpendicular to the gutter
  • Install the panels using self-threading screws
  • Lay down security waterproofing membrane (self-adhesive or thermo-adhesive without the use of a flame system) with slate chips’ finish.
  • Lay down and install regular or clay tiles and ventilation elements (bird protector grill, ventilated ridge)

Instructions and Guidelines
The pre-assembled GT Wind system is installation as a single element that includes: the insulation layer, air ventilation chamber and the surface layer made of OSB3 board.

The air ventilation chamber made of polyurethane foam laths is 40mm in height.

The surface layer in the STIFERITE’S GT Wind system is made of multi-layer phenolic plates of dry flakes, oriented and pressed at high pressure (OSB3) in thickness of 12 mm

Also see: the installation procedure

The tables indicate the suggested thickness of Stiferite’s panels based on

  • Climate Zones
  • Current legislative set limits of thermal transmittance
  • And the following composition of the structure:


Suggested thickness

DLgs 311/06

TAX deduction MD 65%
DM 26/10/2010

A 50 mm 60 mm
B 50 mm 60 mm
C 50 mm 60 mm
D 60 mm 80 mm
E 70 mm 90 mm
F 70 mm 90 mm

Note: For different composition of structures or material, we suggest using the calculation program available online (see: Thermal transmittance and verifications of condensation with Glaser method)




Tie point of Wall and Roof made of cement and micro-ventilated