CE marking and UNI EN 13165

Polyurethane panels with flexible coatings marketed in Europe are subject to CE marking in accordance with the harmonised EN 13165 (in Italy UNI EN 13165) product standard.

The CE marking affixed to the packaging of the STIFERITE panels indicates the type and size of the product and the reference standard together with the year of its first application, and also describes the following features:

  • Thermal conductivity (λD in W/mK)
  • Thermal resistance (R in m2K/W)
  • Reaction to fire (Euroclass)
  • Water permeability (% of change)
  • Water vapour permeability (μ and/or Z)
  • Compressive strength (kPa)

Information concerning the dimensional tolerances, the dimensional stability and the long-term total immersion water absorption is also available through its designation code. Remember that the CE mark is an essential document for the free movement of goods within the European market and that it commits the manufacturer to maintain production control and to explain product features according to harmonised standards to the market.

The CE marking is mandatory for all polyurethane panels with flexible coatings placed on the market, but does not presume the achievement of certain requirements or services and therefore is not a quality mark.


ETA Test certificates

The STIFERITE Class SK panels were tested within ETICS according to the European guidelines for specific exterior insulation systems (ETAG 004) which, unlike the CE mark, establishes specific performance targets that the insulating layers must guarantee.

As this is voluntary and not binding, we suggest checking the availability of the ETA certification test with the Technical STIFERITE Office or with the supplier of the selected system.


Regulatory developments

Regulatory developments

A harmonised European standard for allowing the ETICS systems to access the CE marking (CEN/TC88/WG18 prEN ETICS SPECIFICATIONS) is currently being drafted. According to the performance required by the ETICS system, the harmonised product specification standard for polyurethane insulants (UNI EN 13165) will enable identifying the suitable level or performance class for exterior insulation systems.



Video Library

A video which shows the features and performance of the STIFERITE Class SK panel and its application methods within the ETICSystem is available

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