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Technical Specifications

  • Applicazione dei pannelli
  • Esecuzione della rifodera, utilizzando elementi in laterizio forato da almeno 8 cm di spessore, e intonacatura.
  • Application of STIFERITE GT
    (alternative: STIFERITE GTE - STIFERITE Class S)
  • Relining of 8cm thick hollow bricks and plaster
Instructions and Guidelines

Traditional insulation system very advantages in buildings of continuous winter and summer usage . Recent studies confirm that a simple relining of 8cm bricks plastered, has a good enough mass and thermal inertia to regulate and conserve comfort living conditions.

The permeability of vapor of the structure, may be determined based on the specific need, by the use of panels with facers permeable or impermeable to vapor.

When using panels with vapor impermeable facers, we suggest sealing the joints with adhesive aluminium tape in butyl rubber, in order to guarantee the continuity of the vapor barrier.

Also see: the installation procedure

The tables indicate the suggested thickness of Stiferite’s panels based on

  • Climate Zones
  • Current legislative set limits of thermal transmittance
  • And the following composition of the structure:

Suggested thickness

DLgs 311/06

TAX deduction MD 65%
DM 26/10/2010

A 20 mm 20 mm
B 30 mm 40 mm
C 40 mm 50 mm
D 40 mm 60 mm
E 50 mm 60 mm
F 50 mm 70 mm


Suggested thickness

DLgs 311/06

TAX deduction MD 65%
DM 26/10/2010

A 20 mm 30 mm
B 30 mm 40 mm
C 40 mm 60 mm
D 50 mm 70 mm
E 60 mm 80 mm
F 60 mm 80 mm

Note: For different composition of structures or material, we suggest using the calculation program available online (see: Thermal transmittance and verifications of condensation with Glaser method)



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